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Steve's tutoring approach can help your child to improve both their grades and their self-confidence.


Steve's experience as a youth worker means that he understands that not all students are motivated to do their school work, and that frustrations arising from learning disabilities can lead to poor self-esteem.

Steve has worked for 8 years supporting students in both elementary and secondary schools in Vancouver. He has also worked as a Student Support Worker for the Vancouver School Board.


While working for the VSB, Steve taught after-school classes that included cooking, arts & crafts, soccer, basketball, science, coding, and robotics.

Contact us to arrange for tutoring:

Tutoring is available for:

  • All elementary school grades and subjects

  • High school math: grades 8 & 9

  • High school science: grades 8 - 10 

  • High school, all grades: English, Social Studies, Biology, History

Tutoring Locations:


Various locations to meet your family's needs:

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